Beachwood a Borough: As It Happened, 1917

The Borough of Beachwood marks its centennial birthday today, March 22nd, having been cut away from Berkeley Township, in which it was established as a resort┬áby the New York Tribune as a land/subscription promotion (announced in Nov. 1914, with construction of the earliest public buildings starting a month later and the resort itself open for new property owners on Decoration Day – now Memorial Day – 1915).

Below are a series of newspaper articles from the New Jersey Courier and the New York Tribune chronicling the move to self-governance courtesy the Beachwood Property Owners’ Association, beginning in Winter 1917 through the passing of the “Beachwood Bill” and subsequent public referendum to make the break official.

New Jersey Courier, Feb. 9th, 1917:

19170209 - NJC - Bill for Beachwood to Be Introduced WM

19170209 - NJC - Incorp Notice 01 WM19170209 - NJC - Incorp Notice 02 WM

New York Tribune, Feb. 18th, 1917:

19170218 - NYT - Lot Owners Back Beachwood Plan to Incorporate Crop WM

New Jersey Courier, Feb. 18th, 1917:

19170223 - NJC - Senator Conrad Intro Bill WM

New Jersey Courier, Feb. 23rd, 1917:

19170223 - NJC - Wonder Where Town Hall Crop WM

New York Tribune, Mar. 6th, 1917:

19170306 - NYT - Bill Passed Crop WM

New York Tribune, Mar. 12th, 1917:

19170312 - NYT - Mayor Rumors Crop WM

New Jersey Courier, Mar. 30th, 1917:

19170330 - NJC - Beachwood Bill Passed Crop WM

19170330 - NJC - Special Election Announced for April 5 WM

New Jersey Courier, Apr. 13th, 1917:

19170413 - NJC - Beachwood a Borough WM

19170413 - NJC - Beachwood Voters from City Came Down Crop WM

Keep an eye on for more Beachwood Centennial history throughout 2017.