1944 Bathing Beach Tag

This 1940s bathing beach tag reminds of warm, dry summer days.



Photos: Beachwood World War II Service Members

Today being Pearl Harbor Day, we post this image showing one of the collections of photographs depicting Beachwood men who served during World War II. These photo boards, comprised of individual photos contributed by residents and their families of the era, hung in the windows of the Beachwood Circle Shop – currently site of the CVS Pharmacy franchise – during the war.


The photos were then set aside and lost or forgotten about for about three decades until rediscovered in the mid-1970s. Most of the photos have since been digitized and a future project will be to catalog, identify and build family information about each service member.

Jersey Central Sand Train, May 1st, 1967

Despite the cessation of passenger service in the 1950s, the Jersey Central continued to run trains carrying raw materials as sand and clay through Beachwood into the 1970s. Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station was built with equipment and materials that traveled by this rail line in the 1960s.


Pictured here is one such “sand train” taken May 1st, 1967, along Railroad Avenue. The photographer is presently unknown.

We’re always on the lookout for more photos of the trains through Beachwood – should you have any you’d like to share, please write beachwoodhistoricalalliance@gmail.com.

Morning Light at Harry P. Staton Home

Morning sunlight at the historic Staton home on December 1st, 2016 –


Bio: Staton, Harry Parker, corner of Beachwood and Barnegat boulevards, Block D-28. All-year resident of Beachwood. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. Manager of the sales department for the comic features of the New York Tribune. The drawings of Clare Briggs and other celebrated comic artists are syndicated by The Tribune and Mr. Staton makes periodic trips through the country to sell these attractions to various daily papers. This makes him move in a continual atmosphere of fun and laughter and accounts for his own good-natured personality. Wife, Mrs. Mabel Staton; children, Alice, Grace and Parker Staton. Member Newspaper Club and Dutch Treat Club, New York City, N.Y. Also charter member and treasurer Polyhue Yacht Club; member, with Mrs. Staton, of the Property Owners’ Assn.

Photo by BHA; information from William Mill Butler’s Beachwood Directory & Who’s Who 1924.

Beachwood Celebrates Six Years of Growth, 1921

The following article from the April 2nd, 1921 edition of the New York Tribune, paints a picture of the founding homeowners celebrating six years of prosperity in Beachwood during a dinner at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark.

Note that the “adjoining tract” they refer to here within the borough, which they christened “Beachwood Highlands,” is generally the southern end of town past the Route 9/Parkway Access Road, which used to be the Pennsylvania Railroad right of way. It has also been referred to, by William Mill Butler in his 1924 Beachwood Who’s Who, as “Beachwood Heights,” including in his account of the same 1921 dinner, as way of attempting to stop people referring to that side of town as “over the tracks.”

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19210402 - NYTrib - Dinner Celebrates 6 Years crop WM

Beachwood Train Depot as Post Office Recalled

Shortly after posting the image of the train depot from around 1960, before it was demolished in 1962, longtime former borough police chief, John Moody, wrote in with this memory:

“Not only did the train depot serve as a train station it also housed the post office, even after the trains stopped running. I liked going there to mail post cards, when you walked inside it was like stepping back in time. It also had a distinct closed-up bungalow odor. My first memories would date back to the mid to late

As a result, we dove back into the file archive and pulled this picture taken in the 1940s-50s showing the opposite side of the depot, from Beachwood Boulevard, when it was also used as the post office. Photo courtesy the Joan Disbrow-Morris collection.

Note: We’ve never seen a picture of the interior, so if by chance anyone reading this has one for some reason or another, please write us at beachwoodhistoricalalliance@gmail.com.

No reprints permitted without explicit written permission by the Beachwood Historical Alliance.

No reprints permitted without explicit written permission by the Beachwood Historical Alliance.