142 North Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles – Birthplace of Beachwood, N.J.

Welcome to this first post of the new Beachwood Historical Alliance website!

What better way to begin than show the actual birthplace of our town?

Some backstory:
Bertram C. Mayo and Addison D. Nickerson, past classmates at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, were, respectively, a newspaper promotion agent and civil engineer. On the heels of newspaper subscription promotions in California and Michigan, Mayo went out to Los Angeles in January 1913, where Nickerson and his family were temporarily staying, to enlist his commitment with a new promotion on the south shore of the Toms River – our little hometown, which from opening day 1915 through mid-1917, when incorporated as an independent borough, was a section of Berkeley Township.

In a stroke of forethought, a photograph of our two town founders was taken in front of the Craftsman-style bungalow in California where Nickerson was staying, which reflected the style of the original homes later built in Beachwood by him and several other early developers.

Nkrsn Small Black_0005 WM 72

Left, A.D. Nickerson; middle, B.C. Mayo; right, Robert Nickerson.

That photograph, and others of the home – located at 142 North Kingsley Drive – sat inside Nickerson’s personal family photo albums that were recently made available to the BHA after research led to finding and then contacting his granddaughter, Eleanor, revealing much visual history of Beachwood and its designer never before publicly seen and today digitized at very high resolution and large sizes by the BHA.

Nkrsn Long Brown_0081 WM 72

Today the Los Angeles home where Beachwood was first “born” still stands, and can be easily seen by using Google Streetview.

201503 - 142 N Kingsley Drive Google Streetview WM

Read more about the Arts and Crafts style of our early homes here!


One thought on “142 North Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles – Birthplace of Beachwood, N.J.

  1. Fascinating. Who knew our origins were in

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